People install electric fences in Kenya for various reasons in their home or business premises. Just like CCTV companies in Kenya, Electric fence companies in Kenya have proved to be very useful in that they have helped improve the security in our homes and farms preventing the movement of both people and animals. Electric fence companies in Kenya stock and source a wide range of electrical fencing products. Electric fencing can range from prevention, intrusion, office structures and secure compounds etc.

Electric fencing suppliers in Kenya offer security products, and these can be purchased in kit form and fitted by the purchaser, or can be supplied and installed by the suppliers. This type of fencing may be mains or battery powered, and many different systems are available to suit almost any requirements. For example: portable battery kits are very useful for the suppression of livestock such as poultry since as they can be set up practically anywhere they are required, and are very easy to pull to pieces and move to a new location. Electric fencing systems are used broadly for livestock and the type of scheme used will vary conferring to the type of livestock. Some of these systems can consist of electric fencing for; Poultry, Horses, Dogs and sheep.



In agricultural farms Electric fence companies in Kenya have been able to supply electric fences hence offering many advantages. These electric fences have helped contain livestock within a field or piece of land so as to stop them from escaping. The shock given to the livestock will range between reasonable and throbbing, but this varies according to the animal that is being confined. For example, the level of electric current passing through the wiring encompassing rams will be a lot less than the current passing through electric wiring comprehending a horse. This is because the chunkiness of the skin and the pain threshold of a horse is a lot more than a ewe, a stronger current is therefore needed to frighten the horse.

Our Electric fences can also be used for aesthetic resolves, whereby it gives a property a stylish look while also protecting the possessions. Most importantly, it protects the property from robbery and other criminalities we will assistance you delimit your electric fencing necessities, provide a friendly electric fencing system planning service, offer free electric fencing intelligence ,post sales and set up support because we care and we want to make your electric fencing installation safe, secure and full-bodied hence giving you value for money.

Electric fencing surrounding livestock also helps avert unwanted company, such as pillagers or humans entering. For example, farmers keeping livestock such as chickens or sheep often find that predators such as foxes try to access the pens to kill the livestock. Many agriculturalists that have fitted this type of fencing around the pen perimeters have seen a massive decrease in the amount of livestock lost to kills from other animals. However, when installing electric fencing and buying them from Electric fence companies around your properties you must repeatedly check the fence to see if has been disrupted or inhibited with as the current can easily be lost if the circuit is broken, by things or creatures.
If you are looking for electric fencing to safeguard you premises or livestock Electric fence in Kenya Biosyskenya can provide you with affordable fences and advice to suit your needs.At Biosys Kenya, we supply and install all types of Electric fence in Nairobi Kenya. The electric fencing system can be castoff in many agricultural areas, as erection of electric fences can be much cheaper and faster than conventional fences. An electric fence decreases risk of harm to livestock compared to fences made of barbed wire or sharp things that can ensnare the feet of the animal. Our Electric fences can also be used on private properties to prevent intruders from getting in. our private property electric fence system is mostly non-lethal, and it comes with an alarm system that alarms you instantly when the wires are tampered with, which alerts home owners of intrusion, at the same time as also giving an uncomfortable shock to the intruder.