February 3, 2019
Best CCTV installation companies in Kenya
February 4, 2019
cctv cameras installation

Householders feel safer and are more protected if they have installed CCTV surveillance security systems from the best CCTV companies in Kenya in their homes, businesses, and with their livelihoods. Properties are protected from theft and monetary loss by the use of CCTV security systems.

Every company in Kenya has seen the need of using CCTV security systems because it keeps owners at ease. In Kenya, the CCTV supplies have increased and therefore making it easier for people to access CCTV security systems.

Advantages of CCTV camera systems

CCTV cameras can be used in deterring crime which is extremely effective .people entering a building without the knowledge of the presence of a CCTV camera are unlikely to steal or burglarize the place if provided by the best CCTV suppliers in Kenya. People walking or driving in the streets are likely to adhere to traffic rules and more so less provoked to violence or any sort of assault on someone knowing they are being watched. CCTV makes all our lives safer since it can spot accidents as they happen and we can easily find help. It is important for one to know the types of CCTV cameras one wants and their purpose.

TYPES OF CAMERAS provided by different CCTV companies in Kenya


It is positioned to capture an image and can be optimized for the application with different housings and features. With few moving parts, fixed cameras are inherently more reliable than PTZ cameras and they are always pointing in the intended direction.


Remotely positional cameras are typically called PTZ cameras for their ability to pan, tilt and zoom in on a subject. This is a specially designed fixed camera wrapped in a cocoon of motors and gears which allow an operator to remotely move it. Higher-end cameras may have a greater zoom range, with 32X being fairly common. A higher zoom range is helpful when you are covering a large area, but isn’t always needed. PTZ camera will follow a person or object through an area. A PTZ camera may be set to automatically patrol an area, but they are oftentimes most effective when manually controlled and can be easily found by different CCTV camera companies in Kenya.


The images are stitched together and you can zoom in after the fact, up to the limits of the cameras being used. Since all the images are being recorded, it can face in all directions and can be a great forensic tool. The biggest challenge facing 360-degree camera acceptance is that they are often oversold as a universal solution.


Outdoor cameras will be more weather resistant and include heaters and blowers to allow for environmental variances.


Dome housings are designed to conceal the orientation of the camera, with some doing a better job than others. This is a high priority in most applications and is our default selection as it is generally the best deterrent.

When someone can’t tell which way the camera is pointing, they often assume it is pointing in all directions. So, a fixed dome camera covering a door at the end of a hallway is assumed to be covering the entire hallway these cameras can be bought from a number of CCTV suppliers in Kenya


The front of the housing is close to the camera lens, cutting down on reflections and making it easier to keep clean. They are a deterrent as well, although not as effective as housings that mask the orientation.


Sometimes you want to hide the entire camera using covert or discreet housing. These can be designed to look like something else (smoke detector, motion sensor) or nothing at all, with pinhole lenses or flush mount lenses mounted on a wall or ceiling. These cameras are not designed to be deterrents but are often preferred by draftsmen seeking to achieve a certain aesthetic within a space.

Choosing the Right Features for your CCTV installers in Kenya

Once you’ve selected the camera type and form factor, you might want to consider tweaking the feature set for the application.


Beyond resolution, low light performance is often a requirement. Cameras with day/night capabilities switch into a different mode in low light situations, with various technologies allowing usable images in near total darkness. Cameras with infrared illuminators provide their own light source, allowing better images in dark areas as well. As previously mentioned, be prepared to sacrifice some resolution to get better low-light performance.

Beyond features and functionality, there are other considerations such as wireless signal transition, ultra-high resolution, thermal imaging, explosion-proof housings, and the CCTV camera companies in Kenya you choose to work with.

BIOSY KENYA being one of the best CCTV suppliers in Kenya offers free service installation as well as security maintenance as well as alarm monitoring in case of anything the alarm goes off making you aware of the situation.

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