Automatic Gates Installers

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Sliding automatic gate

Gates & Automation

Automatic Gates installers offer installation automation as the finishing touch on any fencing system and are often the most critical and complicated aspect of the project. From pedestrian entrance gates to large-vehicle gates, high-security anti-ram K-rated gates to access control and gate automation equipment, A-1 Fence Company can provide it all. We will work with you to develop a secure entry solution to fit your site requirements.

Gate Options

Biosys Kenya commercial and industrial gates Automatic Gates installers are shop fabricated and made to order, whether they are made of chain link or ornamental metal. This is done to reduce your installation time and to build a gate that fits your required dimensions.

Automatic Gate Installation Options

Biosys Kenya as one of the most prominent automatic gate installers in Kenya will help you keep traffic flowing and properties secure with our powerful gate operators and high-tech access control systems.

Gate Operators & Motors

Our gate operators will keep your business moving while ensuring it remains safe and secure. We install only the highest quality gate operators to complement our custom gate products.

Access Control For Automatic Gate Installation

High-tech access control systems offer advanced security and industry-leading features. Options include telephone entry systems, keypads, vehicle scanners, video systems, and more,

Sliding Gates Automatic Gates installers

Sliding gates provide more security and coverage for larger openings.

Swing Gates for Automatic Gates installers

Easy pedestrian access can be handled with a swing gate, while a double swing gate can handle openings for larger vehicles & multi-lane traffic requirements.

Automatic Panic Gates Installers

Panic gates are a common option in commercial yards and other secured areas where employees must be allowed to freely exit during emergencies.

Crash‐deterrent Option

the crash deterrent gate system

When heavy‐duty designs, anti‐ram, and crash deterrent options are necessary, we can make recommendations that solve the most unique conditions.

It’s our mission to work with you in enhancing your security and automating your systems talk to us today and get an expert solution at Biosys Kenya

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